With the development of technology the functions of washing machines are increasing


With the development of technology, the functions of wa […]

With the development of technology, the functions of washing machines are increasing, and most of the friends are familiar with the washing machine.

First, ask professional maintenance workers to disassemble the washing machine tank for cleaning. This method is more expensive and troublesome;

The other is to use a professional high sterilization rate washing machine tank cleaner for cleaning, decontamination and sterilization in one step, the operation is simple and effective.

There is also a more efficient way to use a no-clean washing machine directly. This type of washing machine can prevent dirt from adhering and depositing on the inner and outer barrel walls, and can maintain the inner and outer barrel walls for long-term cleaning. Users do not need to go to the washing machine inside and outside the barrel to save the cleaning machine.

LG steel net series washing machine adopts all stainless steel inner barrel, which is comparable to medical equipment in antibacterial activity, avoids residual bacteria in the washing process, cooperates with the unique high temperature barrel sterilization function, and uses 60 degree high temperature sterilization method and rotating water flow to completely remove dirt. . At the same time, the powerful net waterfall washing function uses centrifugal force to simulate the strong water flow of the waterfall to wash the inner barrel wall. Each time the washing is also the cleaning of the inner barrel, ensuring that the clean clothes are washed out in a clean laundry environment. In addition, LG Steel's net series washing machine also has 6 kinds of intelligent hand washing modes, which simulate the knocking, smashing, squeezing, smashing, shaking, and dissolving actions of human hand washing, so that the clothes can be perfectly washed like a mother's hand washing.