The washing machine with the upper drainage method


The washing machine with the upper drainage method will […]

The washing machine with the upper drainage method will set the drain port above the washing machine, which is about 60-90 cm from the ground and no more than 1 m. Since the gravity law is not followed, it is necessary to use a water pump to transport the waste water to the upper drain port for drainage. If you want to drain the water directly to the floor drain, you need to fix one end of the drain pipe to a height of about 80cm, and then another One end is inserted into the floor drain. Since the drum washing machine is equipped with a drain pump motor, drainage is often performed in this manner.

This kind of washing machine is more water-saving during operation, and the waste water discharged by it can be discharged into any container by using a long drain pipe and reused. For example, mopping the floor, flushing the toilet, etc., such a way of using water can save valuable water resources, and also save a lot of water and money.

Since the water pipe used for the upper drainage can be extended indefinitely, it is not necessary to be placed next to the floor drain, and it is also necessary to avoid the problem that the washing machine is difficult to drain due to insufficient ground potential difference. For families with small floor space and floor drains, it is a good choice for small and beautiful appearance.

Compared with the lower drain washing machine, the upper drain washing machine adds a drain pump, so there is one more power-consuming component, so it will consume more electricity when draining.

Many components generate noise during work, which causes a certain degree of trouble in our lives. Similarly, the pump produces noise when it is working, but it is less noisy than when it is dry. If you are not very sensitive to noise, this problem can be ignored directly.