The open type drip-proof (ODP)-motor is ventilated by a fan mounted


The open type drip-proof (ODP)-motor is ventilated by a […]

The open type drip-proof (ODP)-motor is ventilated by a fan mounted on the crankshaft, forcing air to flow through the open end of the motor and out from both sides. These motors are usually fully protected or splash proof.

Fully enclosed fan cooling (TEFC) - This motor is cooled by air through Dehydrator Motor  the motor housing and the air is supplied by a fan mounted on the motor shaft.

Fully enclosed self-cooling (TENV) - This motor uses a fan mounted on the shaft to circulate internal air to prevent overheating. There is no external fan or air cooling unit. The enclosure is suitable for use in very dirty and polluting environments. These motors dissipate heat through the housing and are larger than other housings. Generally used for small horsepower (maximum 7-1/2 horsepower).

Fully Enclosed Air Cooling (TEAO) - This motor uses an external fan to cool the frame. The air can be supplied by a blower integrated into the motor or a separate blower. Refrigeration continues regardless of any operating conditions.

Special housing - ducted motor can be used in open or fully enclosed housings and can be used in very harsh environments. The air used for ventilation (provided by the user) enters the motor through the duct, and heat is exhausted through the duct. The cooling air is internally circulated or externally circulated. The weatherproof motor is ventilated using an open enclosure. The structure of the motor reduces the rain, snow and particles in the air entering the electrical components of the motor.