The motor is also the key to driving the washing machine


The motor is also the key to driving the washing machin […]

The motor is also the key to driving the washing machine. At present, the most DD motor (not BB machine) and BLDC motor on the market, you may also ask this TM is a joke, not important, you just need to remember that the washing machine of DD motor is not bad.

DD motor abandoned the traditional belt operation mode, replaced by the direct drive of the motor, can effectively improve the work efficiency, if you are interested in purchasing the pulsator washing machine, try to choose DD motor, after all, the noise is relatively small. Some of the BLDC motors are still driven by traditional belt operations. This is like when China's manual development, other countries have begun to use machines, and work efficiency can be imagined.

The slanting barrel is like a pregnant woman with a big belly. It looks cumbersome and takes up space. The selling point of most shopping malls is that they do not bend over and save water. Regarding the propaganda gimmick that doesn't bend over, I think it's still a little over. Whether it's a straight tube or a tilting tube, you need to bend over, and if you make a platform under the washing machine, it's not a way to reduce the angle of bending.

Since the inclined tube has a certain angle, the water consumption to reach the same water level as the straight tube will be relatively small. Generally, the inclined tube is mostly a drum washing machine, and the drum washing machine only needs a small amount of water to wet the clothes, so about the inclined barrel washing machine section The selling point of water is indeed true.

We often see the speed parameter when we buy the washing machine. The speed of the washing machine on the market is about 600-800 rpm, and the speed of the drum is 1000-1400 rpm. Therefore, the speed is for the drum washing machine. Is that better than a little faster? No. First of all, we must know that the washing machine is in a slow-washing state during the whole operation process. Only when it is dry, the speed is faster. Have you seen a washing machine that circulated 1400 times from start to finish?