The motor assembly line is an assembly line for a specific product


The motor assembly line is an assembly line for a speci […]

The motor assembly line is an assembly line for a specific product of a product specific to an industry under the assembly line product category. The motor assembly line is an efficient self-flowing production line used by motor processing companies to assemble motor components. According to the different requirements of the enterprise on the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual assembly or machine assembly.

The motor assembly line has high requirements on the wire itself, because the motor itself is a high-cost, high-precision device, which has very high requirements on the quality and operating efficiency of the assembly line. Automatic Motor The double speed chain assembly line is a highly efficient assembly equipment and is very suitable for the assembly of motor products. Therefore, the main structural design of the motor assembly line is based on the double-speed chain assembly line.

Since the motor assembly line is subordinate to non-standard equipment, there is no uniform production standard. The products provided below are based on a previous device as an example and are for reference only:

(1) Composition: assembly line body, assembly carrying trolley, line body driving part, full hydraulic drive, each meter is a station, the length of the line body is designed according to different products, workshops and processes. Generally, there are about 20 stations, and each station is equipped with an assembly trolley.

(2) The assembly line body is the main component of the assembly line. The line body is mainly composed of steel plate brackets, which are connected by upper and lower beams. Four square rails are mounted on the beam, and each station above the upper and lower rails has a positioning trolley.

(3) The assembly and carrying trolleys are made of cast iron, each weighing 350kg, generally one for each station on the upper body, and 6-8 for the lower body.

(4) The line body driving part is composed of a hydraulic station, a lifting platform, a descending platform, a pull-up lever, a pull-down lever and electrical. The lifting and lowering of the two ends of the line body are driven by the oil cylinder up and down to carry the trolley to the upper and lower line body. The upper and lower pull rods are driven by the oil cylinder to move back and forth, and the upper pawl drives the trolley forward.