The dewatering screen vibration motor


The dewatering screen vibration motor is an important a […]

The dewatering screen vibration motor is an important accessory of the dewatering screen. It is directly related to the normal operation of the whole equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for the vibration motor to be aware of the precautions to avoid unnecessary troubles and cause the whole machine to be inoperable.

The output cable of the vibration motor should be subjected to vibration. Therefore, a heavy-duty four-core cable should be used. It is not allowed to bend suddenly near the cable exit. It must have a bending radius greater than 8-9 times the outer diameter of the cable, and then fix the cable to the stationary position. On a moving machine or frame. The distance is approximately 0.6 to 0.9 meters. A soft insulating material should be placed on the clamp of the fixed cable to avoid friction damage to the cable. The grounding wire of the four-core cable has one end connected to the grounding screw inside the terminal box and the other end must be reliably grounded. Small type vibration motor, there is no junction box on the casing, and the cable is directly connected from the motor using a heavy-duty three-core cable. A grounding screw is installed near the foot of the motor and must be reliably grounded during use.

Longzhong dewatering screen manufacturers should remind customers that the vibration motor outlet cable is a wearing part, often due to vibration and friction damage, resulting in motor phase loss operation and damage to the motor. Users should check the cable condition frequently. If there is wear, replace the cable of the same type in time.