The debate in the field of washing machines about direct drive motors and belt motors


The debate in the field of washing machines about direc […]

The debate in the field of washing machines about direct drive motors and belt motors has been around for a long time. In the market, two camps supporting direct drive motors and belt motors were formed, and the washing machine motor "straight drive and belt battle" began.

The washing machine motor "straight drive and belt battle" began in 2012. This year, the Haier washing machine equipped with a direct drive motor was launched. Since then, until 2018, Haier has launched more than 10 direct-drive and double-drive washing machines, including Amethyst, Yunxi and Yunmeng. There are three advantages to the direct-drive washing machine: firstly, it is quiet and stable, effectively reducing noise and vibration. It keeps the coins in motion during high-speed operation. Secondly, it is softly washed in the cradle. The direct drive motor can precisely control the inner cylinder to swing less than 90 degrees. The direct drive motor is more pampered; the third is the uninterrupted speed wash. During the forward and reverse process, the direct drive washing machine can achieve 15 minutes of uninterrupted speed wash and is more clean.

Before the birth of the direct drive motor, the industry applied belt motors for nearly a hundred years, and the technology is mature, which has become an important reason for other brands to support the belt motor. However, the problem of belt aging has not been solved. The longer the use time, the more serious the belt aging and the more obvious the crack, which leads to increased noise and vibration of the washing machine and reduced washing efficiency. The regular replacement of belts in the industry can only cure the symptoms.

Direct drive motor and belt side each hold a word, it is difficult to distinguish. One side is the direct drive motor represented by Haier to promote the popularization and application of new technology. The other side is the maintenance of the century-old technology by the belt motor represented by a few mainstream brands. The outside world cannot give accurate referee.

User referee: choose to stand on the side of the direct drive washing machine

From 2012 to 2018, the washing machine motor "direct drive and belt battle" lasted for 6 years. Faced with the arguments of the direct drive and the two sides of the belt, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, what is the attitude of consumers?

From the domestic authoritative market research organization, Yikang data shows that from 2018 to the present, direct-drive washing machines accounted for 6 seats in the top ten models of the washing machine industry. The price range of high-end washing machines of more than 8,000 yuan, direct-drive washing machine accounted for 60.7%. Up to now, Haier washing machines that promote direct-drive inverter products have already owned 10 million direct-drive washing machine users worldwide. Market data proves that direct-drive washing machines are welcomed by more and more users.