The daily maintenance of the motor is very important for its normal operation


The daily maintenance of the motor is very important fo […]

The daily maintenance of the motor is very important for its normal operation, but the running motor often encounters many unexpected situations, such as short circuit, overload, and equal. In order to prevent the motor from being damaged under these conditions, it must be Take some running protection measures to keep the motor clean. Do not allow water, oil, dust, etc. inside the motor, and regularly remove dust inside and outside the motor.

The causes of asynchronous motor overload are roughly divided into the following cases. 1 caused by the mechanical equipment being dragged. If the water pipe of the irrigation and drainage machinery is blocked, the shaft of the machine is not the same, causing the motor load to be too large or even blocked. 2 Due to the poor working conditions of the motor itself. If the ventilation is poor, the ambient temperature is too high, the motor is partially overheated,Dehydrator Motor  and the motor is overheated and the insulation level is lowered. Even short circuit. 3 Due to the poor quality of the power supply network, such as the voltage is too low, the three-phase unbalance and other reasons caused by the increase in motor current.

The mechanical characteristics, starting, braking, speed regulation and other control performance of the motor shall meet the requirements of mechanical characteristics and production process. The influence of the motor on the power supply quality during operation (such as voltage fluctuation, X-wave interference, etc.) shall be Within the allowable range;

According to the predetermined working system and cooling method, the motor power determined by the situation in Kiev, the temperature rise of the motor should be within the limited range; according to the environmental conditions, operating conditions, installation methods, transmission methods, the structure, installation and protection of the selected motor Form to ensure reliable operation of the motor.