The basis for the inspection of the energy efficiency label of the washing machine


The basis for the inspection of the energy efficiency l […]

The basis for the inspection of the energy efficiency label of the washing machine is to classify the washing ratio, power consumption and water consumption, and finally determine the energy efficiency level of the product according to the level that the three indicators can simultaneously achieve.

The energy efficiency rating is divided into 5 levels. The meaning of each level indication is different: Level 1 indicates that the product energy efficiency status is at the international leading level, Level 2 indicates energy saving, Level 3 indicates that it is at the domestic average level, Level 4 indicates energy efficiency level deviation, and Level 5 indicates Market access indicators, products below 5 are not allowed to be produced, imported or sold in the Chinese market.

Regarding the motor, this is the heart component of the washing machine. Just like the CPU of a computer or the engine of a car, the performance of the motor of the washing machine directly determines the performance, durability and quality of the washing machine. It is understood that the current washing machine motor mainly has induction motor, series motor, three-phase inverter motor, DC brushless motor and so on.

Induction motors are generally used in low-end double-barrel semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines; series-excited motors are used in mid-range drum washing machines; three-phase inverter motors and DD-DC brushless motors are used in high-end drum washing machines. If you buy a washing machine, you may want to know which motor is used in your favorite washing machine. The washing machine that uses the variable frequency motor is more energy-saving and quiet.

Regarding the misunderstanding of the use of capacity, we think that the bigger the better, we do not deny that large-sized washing machines are very convenient for washing large sheets such as sheets, but if there are few households, there is no need to buy a large-capacity washing machine. Generally, a 6KG washing machine family of three It is more than enough to use it. Moreover, the large-capacity washing machine has a high cost and a large space. Therefore, in terms of washing capacity, the choice of washing machine is still to "measure people."