Winter and summer are the peaks of our washing machine


Winter and summer are the peaks of our washing machine. […]

Winter and summer are the peaks of our washing machine. In the summer, we change the clothes frequently, so we use the washing machine more frequently. In winter, heavy clothes may require us to divide the clothes into several washings.

But after the winter, many users began to find that the washing machine at home seemed to be unusable. Is the washing machine like a human being, and it started to get sick in the winter? Obviously not, today we will take a look at some of the precautions of the washing machine. If you don't know this, your washing machine "does not perform well" really does not blame the washing machine.

Since entering the winter, many friends around me have been sipping the washing machine from the home to start washing the clothes, and then let the author recommend a good washing machine for them. In fact, washing clothes is not really a problem with washing machines. First of all, let's take a look at the reasons for the decline in the washing effect of washing machines in winter.

The washing machines in most homes are now drum washing machines, and the working principle and washing principle of the drum washing machine and the traditional pulsator washing machine are completely different. The washing machine of the pulsator type washing machine has more water, all the clothes are immersed in the water, and the lower pulsator or the wall of the barrel rotates to drive the water and the clothes to rotate, so that the clothes rub against each other to achieve the washing effect.

The washing method of the drum type washing machine is completely different. The amount of water in the drum type washing machine is very small, and the laundry is almost saturated. The washing principle of the drum type washing machine is to lift the clothes to the top by the lifting ribs in the drum, so that the clothes rely on gravity. Free fall from the top to achieve the effect of beating.

Therefore, too much clothes cannot be placed in the drum type laundry, and it is necessary to leave room for the washing machine to be beaten. Otherwise, too much clothing in the tub will affect the washing effect of the washing machine, and increase the working pressure of the washing machine motor, and may even damage the motor due to overload.