Frequent use of the washing machine must have this experience


Frequent use of the washing machine must have this expe […]

Frequent use of the washing machine must have this experience: If the washing machine opens the top cover while drying the clothes, the dehydration process will stop immediately. In fact, if the safety switch of the top cover of the washing machine is damaged, the washing machine can also be dried.

Therefore, during the drying process of the clothes, try not to open the top cover to avoid damage to the top linkage switch.

The washing machine drying process can not be carried out. There may be a foreign matter card between the inner and outer barrels. You can open the door cover and hand the inner bucket clockwise. If it can rotate, it means there is no foreign matter, and vice versa.

After turning on the power of the washing machine, if the motor speed is low or does not turn, the motor is faulty and the motor should be repaired or replaced.

If there is a click and does not turn, the motor is short-circuited or damaged, or the capacitor is not connected to the motor circuit. At this time, turn off the power and remove the motor belt to restart.

This is one of the common reasons why the washing machine does not work. The rotation of the inner drum of the automatic washing machine is completed by the solenoid valve switching the bottom gear. If the electromagnetic valve is broken, the washing machine cannot be dried. In this case, the solenoid valve can be replaced. solve.

When the motor is hot, the motor thermal protector will cause the washing machine to not dry, and the cause of the motor heating often has overload, blockage, etc. At this time, as long as the thermal protector is reset, it can be used, and at the same time, please do not put it when drying. Too much clothing.

This is one of the most common causes of failure in fully automatic washing machines. When there is too much clothes in the washing machine, the laundry may not be adjusted to a balanced state. At this time, the washing machine will automatically adjust to a low rotation speed, thereby causing a poor dehydration effect and being unable to dry.

The solution to this problem is very simple, so as not to cause imbalance in washing, you can put on less clothes when washing clothes!