Exhaust fans generally have a large amount of exhaust air


Exhaust fans generally have a large amount of exhaust a […]

Exhaust fans generally have a large amount of exhaust air, but their exhaust air does not organize a reasonable pressure field and airflow path, and can only achieve partial space exhaust. Because it is exhausted to the outside world, it cannot enter fresh air,Exhaust fan motor so it cannot achieve real meaning. Air replacement on. Indoor and outdoor air does not reach circulation, and there are too many fresh air corners.

Wall-mounted new fans generally adopt the principle of micro-positive pressure, that is, by continuously inputting fresh air, a slight positive pressure is formed in the room, forcing the indoor dirty air to be sent out from the gap, and finally discharged through the exhaust port of the kitchen or bathroom. outdoor. The clean, fresh air is filtered into the room 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, and the indoor air is squeezed out to form a “fresh air flow field” to keep the indoor air fresh.

After the exhaust fan discharges the indoor air, the outdoor air is poured into the room through the doors and windows. Although the problem of lack of oxygen in the environmental chamber can be caused to a certain extent, the air does not undergo any filtering, and the air entering the room will be dirty air.

Different from the exhaust fan, the wall-mounted new fan has an air filtering function, and the outdoor air is deeply purified by the multi-layer filter before being sent into the room, and at the same time, the air is continuously interrupted, and the truly fresh and pure air is introduced. Indoor, and the negative oxygen ion function of the new fan will not only cause oxygen deficiency, but also oxygen, and realize the function of indoor oxygen bar, thus ensuring the health of home life.