Elimination of four common faults in the washing machine


Elimination of four common faults in the washing machin […]

Elimination of four common faults in the washing machine, such as motor not turning, motor idling or squeaking pulsator not rotating, water leakage along the pulsator shaft and slow drainage

The noise of the washing machine is too large, and even the cause of the impact sound mainly has the following aspects: 1. The washing machine is not installed properly. Fully automatic washing machines are more important. Be sure to choose flat ground and adjust the horizontal position. 2. The motor bearing or drive shaft is severely worn or broken with the bearing. The gear of the fully automatic washing machine gearbox is faulty. 3. The belt is too tight. 4. The pulsator deformation and the bottom of the washing tub. 5. The dewatering bucket touches the outer box. 6. The seal on the drive shaft is too tight. 7. The fasteners in a certain part are loose. 8. The balance boom of the fully automatic drum washing machine is out of balance, and the spring should be replaced or adjusted.

In addition to the drainage problem, the professional also put forward some precautions for the use of the washing machine: when using the two-cylinder washing machine, socks, handkerchiefs and other small pieces of clothing are best placed at the bottom. If placed on the upper part, once the drying function is activated, small pieces of clothing are easily wrapped around the shaft of the drying drum. Lightly, the washing machine loses balance, and it is shaken with abnormal noise. In addition, the washing machine leaks and even has the risk of electric shock. In addition, after the drum washing machine stops running, it takes about 3 minutes to open the door. Because this kind of washing machine has the automatic protection function of delaying the opening of the door, rushing to open the door will only damage the machine. Do not close the door immediately after taking out the clothes, which is conducive to the evaporation of water vapor.