During the development of the motor


During the development of the motor, a large number of […]

During the development of the motor, a large number of tests were used to verify the motor performance. The first is the characteristic curve measurement of speed or torque control to determine the power, efficiency and torque curves. Tests can also be extended to include cogging torque measurements, resistance and inductance determinations, proximity to heating measurement points, and more.

The automatic blind door is mainly driven by the motor to drive the bearing to slide on the track to realize the automatic opening and closing of the door. The automatic dark door is not only invisible, but also has high technology content. It can be realized by face recognition, remote control, fingerprint, mobile APP, etc. It is a must for modern luxury villa decoration.

To put it simply: the ordinary motor that you usually see, after power off, it will turn for another moment because of its own inertia, and then stop. The motor and the stepper motor are said to stop and stop, and go away, the reaction is extremely fast. However, stepper motors have lost synchronization.

There are too many applications for automatic blind door motors. As long as there is a power source, and the accuracy is required, the motor may be involved. Such as machine tools, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robots, automated production lines and other equipment that require relatively high process precision, processing efficiency and operational reliability.